A Visit to Lovely Trim in County Meath



My books have been distributed to some unusual outlets in interesting locations, one of these being the tourist information office and genealogy centre in the medieval town of Trim in County Meath. From time to time I call at these places to see whether the books are still on the shelves and whether the outlets concerned require more. Just recently I had reason to travel once again to Trim, a quaint little ‘country’ town of famous historical significance with its numerous ancient monuments. Boasting the largest Norman Castle in Ireland which was built in 1173, the town is also home to Trim Cathedral.

The Trim Castle Hotel which is just across the road from the tourist information, genealogy and coffee shop is where many visitors from the U.S.A. stay and I have reason to believe that many of these may have acquired a copy of “A Biblical Journey through the Irish Year.”

The bookshop “Antonia’s” is another outlet and the books can also be acquired through the small library in Trim.

My mind travels nostalgically back to some quiet afternoons as I sat quickly scratching my biro across some paper; while the Lord gave me the words for my first book I had such a strong sense of His Presence. Back then I had no laptop and only a little access to our computer, as my daughters were all studying at the time. I trusted Him and I still trust Him for the future; to guide my every word to His glory and for the extension of His Kingdom.

Eight hundred and forty years have passed since the great castle in Trim had its beginnings and I find it so fascinating that this large fortification still stands to remind today’s men and women on Trim’s streets of how it was all those years ago.

Today God’s Word, the Bible, still remains (and forever will) to remind us of not only ‘how it was’ – but how it will be and how we should live today in this world. Never has a book so comprehensively covered every aspect of life and given instructions on how it should be lived – but then God’s Word is no ordinary ‘book.’

 As I look at the emerald banks lining the sparkling River Boyne which flows by the castle, I am reminded that “all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away: But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you.” (1Peter 1v24&25)

I thank the Lord today that His Word “will not return unto Him void” and that my fellow countrymen and women, as well as visitors to Ireland may, through the written and spoken words of the Lord’s servants, still be touched by that ‘still small voice’ and brought to a living faith in my Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour.





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