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Journey to the King of Love

December 20, 2013


In my seasonal poem, written years ago for younger readers from the perspective of one of the wise men, my prayer is that hearts (young and old) would have the wonderful experience that is described in the last two lines!


Journey to the King of Love ((Matthew 2)


One cold day, when the world was lost,

And sin of men lay cruel as frost,

I saw a light above the crowds –

Was this that star beyond the clouds?


I hurried on o’er hill and dale,

Through desert sun and stormy gale,

With wise friends by my side –

And a Friend in Heaven to provide.


O’er many miles we travelled far

Ever watching for that star,

And when we reached Jerusalem,

That star was bright – a shining gem.


Where is He who has been born

To a world of sinners, all forlorn?

We’ve come from far, so far away,

And long to worship Him today.


The King we spoke to on that day

Told us to find where the young child lay,

So we hurried along the dusty road,

‘Till we came at last to a humble abode.


How we rejoiced to see the star so still…

Oh the joy that our hearts did fill!

But why came the King, the King of Love –

To this cruel world, from Heaven above?


Mary, His mother, stood quietly there,

As we offered gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Oh Child of Love, who came to die –

Our treasures at thy feet we lie!


Taking our leave from the King of Love,

We were wise as serpents, harmless as a dove,

For wicked King Herod wanted to know,

Where lay the Righteous, his Heavenly Foe.


And so we departed another way,

Being warned in a dream that glorious day.

Our dreams came true, and our hearts were aglow –

With the Love of the Saviour we came to know.


© Elizabeth Burke