Consideration for Others during this Present Pandemic


I was talking on the phone to an old friend of my father’s this week – a dear soul in his mid-nineties who has known and followed the Lord for many many years. They were only months apart in age and I know he misses Dad so much since he passed away in 2011.

Now, it is important to mention at this point that my Dad’s old friend is highly unusual for his age. If he has any health problems, he never speaks of them and he works very hard every day in his apple orchards. I meant to ask him, but as far as I know, he still climbs trees! However, he rarely ventures into towns or shops during the present crises – and he has some very serious and wise thoughts on the issue. Where he lives (across the border in Northern Ireland) numbers have started to rise again in this small region and the health service here has come under severe pressure, just as it has in the Republic of Ireland.

He and his wife have their shopping delivered to them by nearby family members and if they do have to venture out on some business they wear masks and have been doing so long before this was made mandatory. You see, although this man has a firm assurance of salvation and walks by faith each day – he fears God and has a healthy respect for the well-being of others: both spiritually and physically. He also sees the necessity in obeying the law of his country and of being an example to fellow citizens.

He and others like him would, I feel, be horrified by the attitude of some professing Christians who have been heard to say: “I don’t care if I get the virus… I’m ‘under the blood’ and ready for heaven…” Those same people if they do succumb to the virus, may well place an extra burden on the health service by taking up a hospital bed. And what if they pass it on to others who “are not saved and ready for heaven?” Do they really care for souls? With an attitude like that would they not need to take stock of their own spiritual standing?

There is the other issue involving the fact that whatever your views on this virus, it has meant that people with cancer, people with heart problems and people on waiting lists for treatment for other serious and painful issues have been put at risk by delays – and this is fact.

Others have been heard to say “Christians don’t get it…” Seriously? I already know Christians who have succumbed to this virus. Christians, like everyone else, are subject to all the diseases and pestilences which unfortunately permeate this world. As my father’s friend said… “there is nothing in the Word to say otherwise.”

Ireland is the last little outpost geographically before America and unfortunately some strange thinking on the virus from there has also seeped into society here. “It’s not real…” Well, the Irish Times have documented a very sensitive account of all the individuals who have died with the virus here – photographs of each precious soul and a short account of their lives, which can also be viewed online. I felt emotional as I scrolled down the photographs and the real lives of these individuals gone out into eternity, their lives ended so tragically. Age is irrelevant; funerals and celebration of lives is important in Ireland and tragically many families have been denied the comforting presence of extended family and friends at this time.

To say “it’s not real” is an outrageous insult to both those who have suffered and their loved ones and also the medical staff who work long hours under terrible circumstances with masks which they must always wear leaving marks on their faces. To die alone and gasping for your last breath in an intensive care unit has been the reality for many. “This is a bad bad time,” said my father’s old friend. People would need to be careful and care for others.”

When I go out on our unlit country road at dusk for a walk I wear a fluorescent jacket so that traffic will see me and not knock me down. This has nothing to do with my “lack of faith.” In the same way, I don’t stand close to a cliff edge to take a “selfie,” or drive without seat belt on. The Lord has given us freewill and intelligence to make wise decisions for our own good and the well-being of others.

My daughter who is young, has gone through so much in the last couple of years in terms of cancer treatment and unfortunately one of the hospitals where she has appointments was the worst one in the city in regards to Covid 19. Given this situation, the floor of a large shopping centre has been converted into a place for oncology patients to have appointments. The vast majority of people wandering into this shopping centre were not aware that a floor had been taken up for this reason and were just going in to browse the shops. My daughter got out of the car with her mask on, as all patients are required to wear masks – but at that time masks had not been made mandatory in shopping areas. She was already apprehensive about the appointment itself, but imagine her horror when a man who had just got out of his car nearby, coughed deliberately into her face!

She naturally felt disillusioned and depressed after this incident. People go through so much to stay alive in a world where there is such disrespect for the situations people are in but how the Lord knows and understands this better than any of us. We are walking in the same alien territory as He did over two thousand years ago.

“For here we have no continuing city, but we seek one to come.” (Hebrews 13v14)

Yes, this is (and has been) “a bad bad time” as Dad’s old friend said. While I am not saying that wearing a mask is the ultimate deterrent against the virus, evidence has shown that it does help; we have been instructed to do so under certain conditions by governing authorities and the Bible tells us to keep the law. (1Peter 2v13-17)

People, it would appear are “afraid of what they will look like in a mask.” Christians, especially, should not be in possession of such pride. “See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise. Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.” (Ephesians 5v15-17)

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5 Responses to “Consideration for Others during this Present Pandemic”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Hi Elizabeth… As you probably already know, the situation regarding the virus here in the U.S is awful. There are those who say the virus is a hoax. Churches are staying open in defiance of the law, some without taking safety measures. There’s been multiple conflicting messages coming from those in authority, even from doctors, regarding the virus. And we also have shocking behavior, like the man who coughed at your daughter, and worse. Unbelievable.

    I want to thank you for praying for my husband. While he was in the hospital a heart issue surfaced, something unrelated to what he went in for. A mercy in disguise.

    We will be praying for you, your daughter, and family. In these dark days Jesus remains faithful as always.

    • readywriterpublications Says:

      Thanks Cathy. It’s good they discovered that other issue with your husband and it can now be monitored, although I’m sure it was a shock for him. Regarding the virus, the rebellion and selfishness in some professing Christians is just unbelievable too. This time has been a nightmare for anyone with very low immunity or with an underlying health issue but we’ll continue to pray about it all – and that souls will turn to the Lord at this dangerous time.

  2. Consideration for Others during this Present Pandemic | PEACEMAKERS Says:

    […] Consideration for Others during this Present Pandemic […]

  3. bornagain732 Says:

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