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“My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which have made touching the King: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” 

(Psalm 45v1)

As a writer of Evangelical Christian books based in Ireland, my books are currently published under “Ready Writer Publications.” I have been led of the Lord to write material which I feel is missing on the bookshelves of modern Christian bookshops. Some may feel that matters of a doctrinal nature are often too controversial and should be avoided at all costs. However, I sincerely believe that we must never compromise the truth as contained in God’s Word, the Bible.

My books are written for “the man and woman in the street” and my desire is to reach as many souls as possible with the good news that the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ avails for all.  My aim is also to offer fellow Christians encouraging, challenging and inexpensive reading material. However, my greatest desire over all is to see souls saved from an eternity more awful than can ever be imagined.

The concept of “Ready Writer Publications” was born a long time ago – in my thoughts. As the years went by and my little notebooks became crammed with “the things which I had made touching the King,” I knew that I could not keep this candle “under a bushel.” No, I would write as the Lord directed – and to His glory. To date I have published three full colour gift books, each containing many beautiful photographs of my native country, in addition to a novel for children: “Ricky the Runaway.” Please see the synopsis pertaining to each of these publications. I also write tracts, either of a seasonal nature, or relevant to issues which affect many people today. Lord willing, I hope to write more tracts (and books) in the future. Please note that the tracts are free to download, copy and distribute in any quantity, providing that no part of the publication is altered and the © (copyright) sign bearing the author’s name is retained.

Also please note that books may be purchased directly and that the cost may be less for this if a quantity is purchased. For book order or other enquiries, please email


Handcrafted scripture bookmarks are free with gift books ordered.

(N.B. All Biblical quotations in these publications are taken from the Authorised, King James Version of the Bible – 1611)

14 Responses to “Author’s Profile”

  1. Aidan Kelly Says:


    I came across you site as I am a far flung indirect descendent of Thomas Kelly the prolific hymn writer, thank you for posting this kind of information. Also, I note in some of my internet wanderings that my Kelly family lived in County Galway and rsided on land owned by the Burkes around Coole Lake around where Lady Gregory once resided, these Burkes are related to the infamous William O’Hara Burke who endeavoured to cross Australia only to perish on the way home for lack of food and water in a forbidding land. Any connections with your Burke family?


    Aidan Kelly – Perth Australia

  2. readywriterpublications Says:

    Hello Aidan,

    I find it fascinating that you are related to Thomas Kelly (1769-1855) It’s a small world! As regards ‘Burke,’ my married name is Burke, so I will have to consult my husband’s brother about this. (He is most into family history and has constructed a Burke family tree). I’ll let you know what he comes up with. I do know that many of the Burke clan came originally from the Galway region. With genealogy in mind you might be interested in my post: “On Genealogy and a Spiritual Inheritance” (May 23rd 2011)

  3. James barfoot Says:

    Hi just stumbled on your website as l searched for info on the farm where the ploughing Chamionship at Stradballey last week,I was encouraged reasons about your holidays etc and how you were used of God….I too just love grabbing those Devine appointments.
    Trust God blesses you in your work keep it up !!

  4. readywriterpublications Says:

    Thank you for your comment James. It is certainly interesting that the Ploughing Championships were held in the Stradbally area this year; I believe that many Christians use this occasion as an opportunity for outreach too. I have used photographs of the lovely scenery in this area to illustrate the true stories and experiences which are related in my first two books: “A Biblical Journey through the Irish year” and “Singing on the Journey Home.”

  5. Andy Burton Says:

    hi how do I get some more tracts such as ‘Barry the heroic dog’ which I was given in Chester. Thanks. Andy Burton.

  6. readywriterpublications Says:

    Hello Andy, I had never even heard of this tract until your comment and was not aware where a quantity could be obtained. However, I see that they are available from this site:
    You may find it elsewhere too when you put the tract title into ‘Google.’ I do hope that you get more copies to distribute. Thanks for bringing this story to my attention. I felt very emotional on reading it as I love dogs and know that the St. Bernard breed have indeed saved many lives. I believe that this poignant story could well speak to many people.

  7. Miriam St.Hilaire Says:

    Dear Elizabeth,
    Our daughter married a young Irishman. He was raised Catholic but prior to their marriage he came to true faith in Jesus Christ. Needless to say, it has made things very difficult for his family. We all dearly love his family and are praying that God will give us favor with them and that Jesus will shine forth through His Holy Spirit drawing them to salvation. During their visit to Ireland last winter for the holidays, my daughter discovered your book, A Biblical Journey Through The Irish Year, at Trim castle, and bought it for me. I cannot tell you what a blessing it has been to me. Not only has it blessed me in the Lord, but it has also given me a very beautiful and realistic view into the Irish culture and the people. Most of all, it has blessed me beyond words to know of others in Ireland such as yourself who are so in love and deeply committed to our precious Lord and savior Jesus Christ!!! Praise His Holy Name that is above every name forever and ever!!! Thank you for sharing yourself so intimately through your lovely book. I will cherish it forever!………………………….
    p.s. I would love to correspond with you. If I get to come to Ireland with my daughter and her husband sometime, I would love to meet you.
    In Jesus love,

  8. readywriterpublications Says:

    Dear Miriam, Thank you so very much for the encouragement! It means so much to me. I will indeed pray for that situation. May the Lord bless you and your loved ones… I have sent you an email and will be in touch again..
    Every Blessing to you,

  9. Peter Says:

    Elizabeth, As you probably know the tower belonged to the Harbourstown estate which belonged to the Caddell family in the 19th Century. Cecilia Caddell who lived at Harbourstown was a writer of many religious books so you are in good company. My uncle inherited Harbourstwon in 1925 and the big house was pulled down in about 1944 but the folly survived along with the stables amd some outbuildings.


    • readywriterpublications Says:

      Hello Peter,
      This is fascinating… thank you so much for getting in touch. I’m not from this area originally but I do find the local history very interesting. The scenery here and the old historical remains I find very inspiring. Many of my poems, including “Derelict,” and “The Graves” as well as the poem about the Tower are based on personal experiences and observations over the years. It’s good to be able to draw spiritual parallels from nature too. Although I know that things are changing, even in this lovely rural area, it’s good to know there is One who never changes and who cares for us. I have your email and will be in touch with you about your connection with the family who lived in that great house. Thank you again.

  10. Alan Nattrass Says:

    Stumbled across your site by accident;I am a believer of many years, having been saved by His Grace. My love is to study His Word daily, or distribute tracts in Carlisle, my home town
    With Christian Love. Alan Nattrass

  11. readywriterpublications Says:

    Hello Alan – and thanks for your comment. Interesting to hear from you as I once had relatives who lived in the countryside there. I remember going through Carlisle many years ago on the train. (See “My Testimony.”) I wish you every blessing on your work for the Lord in that lovely city which is close to the Scottish border.

    • Miriam St.Hilaire Says:

      Hello Elizabeth… It’s so very beautiful to receive this message from you 🤗how extremely lovely to know you are still faithfully ministering the life giving word of God…Jesus (Yeshua) our messiah…God with us…and now in us through His Holy Spirit…I love you my precious sister and continue to pray for you and yours ♥️Miriam

      On Wed, Mar 18, 2020 at 1:28 PM Elizabeth Burke’s Blog wrote:

      > readywriterpublications commented: “Hello Alan – and thanks for your > comment. Interesting to hear from you as I once had relatives who lived in > the countryside there. I remember going through Carlisle many years ago on > the train. (See “My Testimony.”) I wish you every blessing on your work ” >

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