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The Faith Mission Midlands Convention – Sunshine & Encouragement!

August 24, 2012

On the weekend of 17th – 19th August last I received much personal encouragement on attending the 30th Annual Faith Mission Irish Midlands Convention, held for the first time in the lovely Durrow area. Sometimes our private conversations with other souls attending such conventions can be every bit as challenging and encouraging as the words we hear from the pulpit and I can honestly say that I was touched by both on this occasion.

It was impressed upon me more than ever that I am not the only person in the world with problems (health or otherwise) and it is good to know that there are those who pray for us and who genuinely care for both our spiritual and physical welfare.

I discovered another source of encouragement when we visited the public library in the little town of Abbeyleix. On climbing a winding staircase I viewed copies of my books: “A Biblical Journey through the Irish Year” and “Singing on the Journey Home” on the shelves and was pleased to see that both books had been borrowed multiple times. This discovery, I believe, came from the Lord to give me encouragement at a time when I most needed it. In that little library, on a sunny Saturday morning I could see clearly that my work and distribution had not been in vain and that the Lord’s Word would not return unto Him void.

The Lord was reminding me that seeking souls in little libraries in many Irish towns and villages and in the larger libraries in Dublin city may be reached in this way. Many libraries have previously purchased books from me, but unfortunately libraries are also now victims of our lingering ‘economic downturn.’ Yet, despite this, I believe that the Lord will provide as I now endeavour to donate books to libraries which no longer have funding.

How good it is to know that the words He instructs us to write can live on to inspire, convict, challenge or comfort others with His love long after we have been called Home!