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Where Are They Now? Don’t Let Old Acquaintances Be Forgotten!

January 6, 2014



A little gift I was given at Christmas awakened such a multitude of thoughts, observations and feelings of sadness and happiness, depending on the memories. You see, I had this old tattered address/telephone book for years, with the result that I was presented with a new one… which meant that I had to transfer all the old names to the new book!

My first observation was that some old friends and acquaintances had actually passed away, even though their names were still in the book. There were those of whom I felt an assurance in my heart that they had gone Home to be with the Lord, but on the other hand I felt a great sadness when I came across the names of those deceased whose spiritual standing I had been uncertain of.

Old feelings of sorrow returned when I found little notes jotted down beside the number of a hospital… “had a comfortable night…” Did he really have a comfortable night or were they just telling me this?

There were the happy times too… excellent exam results jotted down and memories of holidays, good news and sunny days… I wonder are there other people as untidy as me, with my exclamation marks, drawings of smiley/unhappy faces (depending on the circumstances) all marking this ‘telephone book?’ (I have this habit of doodling when I’m talking to someone on the phone and I’ll probably still retain my old telephone book for sentimental reasons.)

My attention was taken up with those names again… where was she now? Did she still live at this address and was her telephone number the same after all this time? Sadly I had lost contact altogether with many of those listed but I felt that I should transfer them to the new book and indeed I should find out… in order to pray for them.

I see in my old book a portrayal of much of life, because every name and address tells a story. We often lose contact, for many reasons, with those we once knew so well. Where in the world are they now? But more importantly where are they now in the spiritual realm?

As the New Year replaced the old, I felt that the Lord had laid it upon my heart to contact those I knew so long ago. I must never forget about them but reach out in love and in His will and pray for old acquaintances that may desperately need prayer for their physical or spiritual health – or both. Who knows what may be achieved for the Lord through contacting those I once knew?

And perhaps some of them can encourage and pray for me too…

“But to do good and to communicate forget not; for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.” (Hebrews 13v16)