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People the World Over Are Hearing the Gospel Message

May 29, 2020


At this time of lockdown I have noted with interest the numerous services which are broadcast online. Of course all sorts of denominations and even cults “have come out of the woodwork” and we are seeing very strange sights these days. A Roman Catholic priest loads his water pistol and squirts “holy” water from afar, by way of social distancing, while another priest sets up his home-made confessional in a Dublin car park, despite the previous statement by their leader that people should confess their sins directly to God. Indeed the Bible says that it should never be otherwise! (“For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;” 1Timothy 2v5)
Some of the hierarchy in churches here in Ireland claim that “open churches are an essential service.” While it is good to have fellowship with those who worship “in spirit and in truth,” the fact is that the churches that clamour for re-opening are very often not an essential service. Buildings may be closed, organisations may be disrupted but the Church (the real Church) lives on because the real Church is that body of believers throughout this world, whose Head and One Foundation is the Lord Jesus Christ. Buildings may even be destroyed and organisations and denominations come to nothing but the real Church stands resolute until the end.
Sometimes I wonder whether what people are really missing is their round of social activities connected with their “church” or organisation; perhaps it is not the genuine fellowship that exists between believers that they are missing at all, because their church is a nominal Christian one and they, too, are nominal Christians.
While it is true that we have access to all sorts of dubious teaching and preaching these days, it is encouraging to know that there are now more genuine gospel messages going out around the world than ever before. It is good to hear encouraging, convicting and challenging sermons being preached during this period. People are hearing now and although the cults have gone online too, the truth speaks volumes and those who preach it should be encouraged to know that the little congregation they normally reach on a Sunday morning has increased to include souls the world over.
This has (and continues to be) a horribly tragic time for many because it is not all about Coronavirus; I have an elderly aunt (90) in hospital with another issue and no one can visit her which is terrible for everyone concerned. Mankind is collectively responsible for the situation we find ourselves in but still the Lord is using circumstances for the extension of His Kingdom this old world over. May He be glorified and souls come to know Him through it all. “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” (Matthew 24v14)